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Save time with our property management services that helps you get what you need - Verified Tenants and Rent on Time

Submit Details

Submit your house details & get the house inspected.

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Sign an agreement and handover your home keys, leave rest on us.

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Dedicated Property Management Services includes

Tenant Search

(Our Team will find right tenant)

Guided House Visits

(Our Experts will show your property)

Tenant Background

(Police verification and background check)

Rental Agreement & Renewals

(We do all paperwork. Tenant moves in & out)

Periodic Home Inspection

(Get compete inspection reports your property)

Repair and maintenance

(On Demand Cheapest maintenance and repair)


of Property Management with


Cost Efficient

Complete Transparency


Professional and Experienced

No Middleman

Online Tenant Data & Reports


Satisfied Clients


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Property Management Plans



Popular With Small Size of Properties Owner's

Starting at

₹ 999/-

a month



For Mid Size And Bigger Properties Owner's

Starting at

₹ 1599/-

a month



For Group Housing Customizations, Integrations & Tailored Support

Starting at

₹ On Request/-

a month


Property Management Company Pune

PropMunshi is proud to be a national company with real specialists who are dedicated to providing only one thing and that is property management. That's why we're called 'The Property Management Experts,' and not just because we're a faceless online business or an estate agency that happens to offer it as a sideline. We work directly with landlords to provide a professional service they can depend on. One that is completely tailored to their specific needs. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our website.
We, the best property management company Pune will be happy to assist you directly and make sure that your property is in the right hands. When it comes to the management of properties, our company is recognized as a reputable industry leader. We assume full responsibility for everything, including difficulties such as damage to your property, unlawful subletting, and rent payments that are late, and we have patented and tried-and-true methods in place to deal with any potential problem.

Are you looking for a good property management service provider?

These days, there is a more effective approach to taking care of business. Take a more in-depth look at the ways in which our seasoned professionals can manage your assets while saving you money. Because PropMunshi is not a nameless online business or an agency that happens to offer property management as a side-line. We are proud to be a national business with real specialists who are dedicated to delivering just one thing, and that is property management. As a result, our company is given the name "The Best property management company," and there is a good reason for this.

We maintain a tight working relationship with the owners of the properties that we manage by providing a professional service that is totally adapted to fulfil the needs of the landlord and on which he can trust. You are free to get in touch with our property manager at any time to ask for assistance or direction, and we will be more than happy to assist you directly and make certain that your renters are not abusing your property in any way.

When it comes to the management of properties, our company is recognized as a reputable industry leader. We, the providers of Property management services Pune assume full responsibility for everything, including difficulties such as damage to your property, unlawful subletting, and rent payments that are late, and we have patented and tried-and-true methods in place to deal with any potential problem. Our services might help you save money because to our low-cost, flat-rate pricing structure. Therefore, take over the management of your own home so that you can immediately begin to enjoy the benefits.

Why Choose Us?

  • You may always talk to one of our specialists over the phone, and we do not provide property management as a "add on" service that is dependent on commissions. It is something that we do each and every day. Our clients will continue to work with us for many years to come because we provide a quality service at the most competitive pricing in the industry.
  • You will have a lot of legal duties to stay on top of if you decide to become a landlord. As well as renters that you will want to make happy and property that you will want to maintain. It is necessary to use caution, perseverance, and organization in order to handle the potentially stressful circumstance. Our professionals possess all of these skills, and in addition, they are committed to properly caring after your home.
  • Compliance, which is growing increasingly more rigorous, is perhaps the most significant challenge that landlords face in the modern day. It is simple to lose focus on what needs to be done when there are constant due dates, duties that stretch far and wide, and severe consequences for falling short of one's responsibilities.

Hassle-free rental

There is a group of people whose only responsibility is to handle the leasing of the property. When it comes to renting out your apartment, we have a local agent network that works very closely with us. After that, we make sure that the property is receiving the exposure it needs by broadcasting it to all of the qualified agents in that region. We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure that the property is listed on all reputable property portals in order to produce the greatest number of possible tenants leads.

Calm and Composure

It is not a very safe practice to rent to unknown people via a third party. In the event that you run into a difficulty or an issue, there will be no one to assist you with it. Being a Prop Munshi customer means that you have Prop Munshi staff, local agent partners and their linked network with you at the moment of need. This operates much like an insurance policy. We will hope that you will never have a need for our assistance, but if you do, we will be here to provide it and support you.

Everything is documented on the rental ticket that is created, and you are kept up to date with email notifications. After you have gotten the offer and the tenant's profile, the only thing left to do is decide whether or not to accept or reject the offer. In the event that you decide to take advantage of the offer, the move-in process will be handled entirely by us, without any participation from you. Due to the fact that we provide property management services throughout the whole nation, we have been successful in negotiating advantageous contracts and agreements with our reliable vendors. There is not the slightest reduction in quality, and all of the money we save is passed on to you.


At PROPMUNSHI, we offer property management services and making the life of a property owner’s easier.

We are one of the proficient and fastest growing property management company in India. It offers you the finest and most professional team to work on entire cycle from finding tenants and their background check to agreement and rental tracking, From Property inspection to repair and periodical maintenance.

PropMunshi is co-founded by IIT and FMS alumni, Mr Abhimanyu Yadav and Mr Sandeep Rao. Mr Rao is a well Renowned Mentor and Motivational Speaker.


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