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Dedicated Property Management Services includes

Tenant Search

(Our Team will find right tenant)

Guided House Visits

(Our Experts will show your property)

Tenant Background

(Police verification and background check)

Rental Agreement & Renewals

(We do all paperwork. Tenant moves in & out)

Periodic Home Inspection

(Get compete inspection reports your property)

Repair and maintenance

(On Demand Cheapest maintenance and repair)


of Property Management with


Cost Efficient

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Professional and Experienced

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Property Management Plans



Popular With Small Size of Properties Owner's

Starting at

₹ 999/-

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For Mid Size And Bigger Properties Owner's

Starting at

₹ 1599/-

a month



For Group Housing Customizations, Integrations & Tailored Support

Starting at

₹ On Request/-

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Property Management Company in Noida

Despite the fact that it is a highly skilled organization, property maintenance is always a chore that presents a number of challenges. You own a piece of land, a villa, a row home, or even just an apartment, but you lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to properly manage any of these properties. Under the terms of the agreement, Property management company Noida is responsible for performing nonstop maintenance as well as secretarial and legal tasks.

The primary responsibility of PropMunshi, the property management service provider is to maintain the value of the properties under their care by managing the normal duties that are delegated to them by the landlords.

The following is a standard list of responsibilities that fall within the purview of a Property management services Noida:

  • Looking for potential tenants.
  • Assisting property owners by drafting, signing, and renewing leases and other types of agreements.
  • Collecting rental payments.
  • Protecting properties against dust and ensuring that they remain in excellent shape are also included in this service.
  • Organizing necessary repairs.
  • Creating a schedule for the upkeep of the property and sticking to the budget.

Who has a need for property management services?

Property owners have several different motivations for looking for property management. Only a few people have a large number of properties to rent out, but they don't have the time or enough experts to maintain the properties and deal with each renter. There are some landlords who are interested in keeping their rental homes in good condition and generating money from them. In this particular instance, they retain the services of a professional property management company.

Best property management service is hired by absentee landlords who do not live on the premises of their rental properties. The very finest property management solution is one that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual landlord who rents out a single house for tourism or holiday purposes.

Landlords who participate in decent housing programs need these kinds of services since the renting out of their homes is contingent on the completion of several complicated federal processes, which require the expertise of trained specialists.

Property owners who live outside of India are causing a stir and being disruptive about their real estate holdings. The majority of people who live abroad end up spending their vacation time worrying about their tenants. As a result, the best property management services in Noida will guide you through every step of managing your property, safeguard it, and be exceedingly watchful at all times. You do not need to travel necessary all the way lengthy, there is no broker or family contribution requested, and you have total visibility of the operation as well as thorough property protection.

When it comes to property management, there are a lot of unknowns that need to be watched out for. If your property is vacant or underutilized, it may become a target for those who want to do damage to the structure or the interiors of the building. In addition, in the event that any kind of danger arises, they often speed through several legal procedures. When confronted with unusual situations like these, having access to a property management service may help you respond more effectively and efficiently.

Those little repairs around the home often seem to take up your time on the weekends, just when you're in the mood to go out and do something fun. In addition to this, if you are a landlord of a property, you are responsible for immediately organizing everything. On the other hand, you don't always have that time.

Therefore, the best supplier of property management services will handle all of the required obligations and free up a significant amount of your time. By selecting a property management firm such as PropMunshi, the best property management company you will have access to a number of excellent specialists who are knowledgeable in handling all of the particulars, in addition to a great deal of other information.

What we provide

In addition to providing advice on legal and financial matters, we take care of repairs, maintain the property, regularly inspect the fence and construction, and keep an eye on the construction progress.

  • We at PropMunshi spare no effort in order to economize your precious time and provide you with an abundance of mental tranquilly.
  • Conduct an inspection of the property, and settle on a specific monthly rental fee.
  • Execute detailed papers photos are included in both the inside and outdoor works of these artists.
  • Make suggestions on how to enhance the property's appearance and make the most of the monthly rent in order to get a positive return on investment.
  • Gather data on the going rates for rentals in the area, then work with local landlords to negotiate the most reasonable fee, considering the property's dimensions and characteristics.
  • Have a conversation with the landlords about the benefits and drawbacks of the different regulations, such as allowing pets, allowing smoking, etc.
  • Lock all essential property management devices after installation.

We advertise your property

In the event that you want the assistance of an advertising professional in order to keep the interest of some excellent renters, our company will relieve the nagging that you are experiencing and find dependable occupiers for your home.

When you use PropMunshi, you will get services like as

  • Preparing the property to be leased out to tenants.
  • Make the inside and outside of the house seem better by cleaning it.
  • Take care of the landscape so that the property will have a tidy appearance.
  • Develop advertisements in accordance with the property and various advertising channels, such as paid and free rental listing websites, print publications, hoardings, brochures, and other similar mediums.
  • Support should be available around the clock, and potential renters should be given in-depth property information.
  • Attend to incoming calls from potential customers with questions and requests to see the property.
  • Help potential renters by providing rental paperwork that complies with all applicable regulations and is legally biddable.
  • Collecting applications together with their associated fees.


At PROPMUNSHI, we offer property management services and making the life of a property owner’s easier.

We are one of the proficient and fastest growing property management company in India. It offers you the finest and most professional team to work on entire cycle from finding tenants and their background check to agreement and rental tracking, From Property inspection to repair and periodical maintenance.

PropMunshi is co-founded by IIT and FMS alumni, Mr Abhimanyu Yadav and Mr Sandeep Rao. Mr Rao is a well Renowned Mentor and Motivational Speaker.


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