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Dedicated Property Management Services includes

Tenant Search

(Our Team will find right tenant)

Guided House Visits

(Our Experts will show your property)

Tenant Background

(Police verification and background check)

Rental Agreement & Renewals

(We do all paperwork. Tenant moves in & out)

Periodic Home Inspection

(Get compete inspection reports your property)

Repair and maintenance

(On Demand Cheapest maintenance and repair)

verified tenants


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Cost Efficient

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Professional and Experienced

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Popular With Small Size of Properties Owner's

Starting at

₹ 999/-

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For Mid Size And Bigger Properties Owner's

Starting at

₹ 1599/-

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For Group Housing Customizations, Integrations & Tailored Support

Starting at

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Here' s what others are saying

Property management service India

Maintenance of the property is always a challenging task even though it is a very professional company. You have a plot, villa or row house, or simply an apartment but you are not prepared and experienced maintaining them properly. On the contract, property management includes ceaseless maintenance, clerical and legal errands too.

The main role of the property management service provider is to manage routine tasks assigned to them by the landlords and to preserve the worth of the properties.

The duties of a property manager commonly comprise of the following:

  • Looking for potential tenants
  • Preparing, signing, and renewing agreements in support of property owners
  • Collecting rental payments
  • Preserving properties from dust, maintaining the good condition of the property
  • Organizing necessary repairs
  • Scheduling and adhering to budgets for property care

Who requires property management?

  • Landowners look for property management companies for several reasons. A few have many properties to rent out and a shortage of time or professionals to keep the properties and handle each tenant. Some landlords show interest in maintaining rental properties and making profits from them. In this case, they hire professional property management services.
  • Landlords who stay away from their property also hire property management services. The best property management service caters to each landlord who rent out a single property for tourism or vacation purpose
  • Property landlords who contribute to reasonable housing programs make use of such services since their rental properties are conditional on complex federal procedures that need specialized professionals.

Property owners residing outside India are on fire and are bothersome about their property. Most of the NRI's result in wasting their holiday time on their tenant concerns. Therefore, top property management services in India guide you in every aspect in maintaining your property, protect the property and are extremely vigilant, all the time. You don't have to travel required all the way long, no broker or family contribution wanted, you get complete visibility of procedure and comprehensive property protection.

Property management service has numerous unknown aspects to be attentive to. If your property is empty or unused, it can be a target to damage makers that harm the property or the interiors. Furthermore, tend to rush many legal formalities if any threat happens. For these strange reasons, a property management service helps you to deal with such circumstances in a skillful manner.

Those petty repairs in the house turn out using your time at weekends when you are in the mood for an outing. And if you are a property landlord the whole thing needs to be organized instantaneously. But often you don't that time.

So, the top property management provider handles all the necessary responsibilities and save a lot of your time. Picking a property management team like Propmunshi will help you with some great professionals who are skilled in managing all the particulars, and much more.

  • We look after the repairs, preserve the compound, continually check the fencing and construction along with legal and tax guidance too.
  • We make every effort to save your valuable time and give you plenty of mental peace.
  • Assess the property and define a precise rental rate
  • Execute detailed papers works of the interior and exterior containing photographs
  • Suggest recommendations on repairs and beautifying improvements to make the most of monthly rent and give good ROI.
  • Collect information on rental charges in the locality and coordinate with landlords to fix the best rental rate according to the size and type.
  • Discuss with landlords the pros and cons of various policies like accommodating pets, permitting smoking etc.
  • Install a lock necessary property management devices

Advertising the property

In the event, if you require an advertising expert to hold the attention of some great tenants, our team will ease your pestering and see reliable occupants for your property.

With Propmunshi you get services like

  • Preparing the property for rent
  • Clean the property and enhance the interior appearance
  • Handle landscaping for a neat look at the property
  • Create commercials as per the property and advertising platforms like paid and free rental listing websites, Print publications, hoardings, pamphlets, etc.
  • Offer around the clock support providing the prospective tenants with thorough information about the property
  • Answer calls from prospects for enquiries and the property visit
  • support prospective tenants with rental formalities that are legally biddable with fair laws
  • Gathering applications with the charges

Tenant Selection and background check

  • Do a background verification to confirm identity, salary, credit history, rental history, etc.
  • Score occupant as per the pre-defined standards

Occupant rent out responsibilities

  • Drafting leasing agreement
  • Authorize move-in date with the occupant
  • Analyze lease procedures with the occupant and help to understand the rental payment terms and essential property care
  • Make sure all agreements have been correctly implemented
  • Do a thorough move-in check with the occupant and get a signed report attesting the condition of the property before occupying
  • Get first month's rental payment and security deposit
  • Rent collection
  • Managing late payments
  • Directing pay or quit notices


  • Preparing applicable documentation to initiate and accomplish an unlawful detainer action
  • Representing landlord in court
  • Working with law enforcement to eradicate occupant possessions from the property
  • Refer the landlord to an experienced attorney when required
  • Comprehend and abide by the latest local, state and federal law relating to leasing and preserving rental properties.


  • Do periodic checks on a planned schedule and look for the repairs, safety threats, code damages, lease defilements, etc.
  • Sharing periodic reports to the landlord on the condition of the property


  • Offer property management in accounting
  • Make payments on behalf of the landlord for Loan, insurance, HOA fees, etc.
  • Complete paperwork of expenses with exact invoices and receipts
  • Retain all historical proceedings like proof of purchase, leases, review reports, warranties, etc.
  • Offer annual reporting, tax filings as well as required tax documents including necessary forms
  • Advise landlord on applicable tax exemptions for their property
  • A thorough breakdown of income and other expenses

Maintenance, Repairs, and Remodeling

  • Offer and manage an in-house maintenance team
  • Create a maintenance policy to pinpoint the repair necessities
  • Offer a network of certified, united and fully insured property management services for good valuation.
  • Assign jobs to in-house employees, handymen and professional service providers deciding the best property management
  • Keep up outdoor areas
  • Landscaping
  • Removing waste and remains
  • Maintain and monitor a repair helpline
  • Undertake bigger renovation projects
  • Provide references on how to capitalize on rental income
  • Make initial cost estimates
  • Get various independent offers for the work
  • Act as general supplier administrating the work

Tenant Move Out

  • Check the property and share the report on the property's condition when the occupant moves out
  • Provide the occupant with a copy along with estimated compensations if any
  • Pay back the balance of the security deposit to the occupant
  • Clean the property and perform the obligatory repairs or upgrades
  • Re-lock the property
  • Advertise property back on the market for the rent

From all civil work, interior design, housekeeping, laundry, repair and care, bill payments, legal and many more you get everything looked after skillfully with the top property management experts all under one roof makes Propmunshi one of the best property management services in India.

Allow us to furnish you with sincere services allied to your property management.


At PROPMUNSHI, we offer property management services and making the life of a property owner’s easier.

We are one of the proficient and fastest growing property management company in India. It offers you the finest and most professional team to work on entire cycle from finding tenants and their background check to agreement and rental tracking, From Property inspection to repair and periodical maintenance.

PropMunshi is co-founded by IIT and FMS alumni, Mr Abhimanyu Yadav and Mr Sandeep Rao. Mr Rao is a well Renowned Mentor and Motivational Speaker.


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