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Dedicated Property Management Services includes

Tenant Search

(Our Team will find right tenant)

Guided House Visits

(Our Experts will show your property)

Tenant Background

(Police verification and background check)

Rental Agreement & Renewals

(We do all paperwork. Tenant moves in & out)

Periodic Home Inspection

(Get compete inspection reports your property)

Repair and maintenance

(On Demand Cheapest maintenance and repair)

verified tenants


of Property Management with


Cost Efficient

Complete Transparency


Professional and Experienced

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Property Management Plans



Popular With Small Size of Properties Owner's

Starting at

₹ 999/-

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For Mid Size And Bigger Properties Owner's

Starting at

₹ 1599/-

a month



For Group Housing Customizations, Integrations & Tailored Support

Starting at

₹ On Request/-

a month


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Property Management Company Bangalore

Apartment complexes continue to be attractive options for financial investments. However, in order for apartment complexes to maintain maximum cash flow, it is becoming more important to have a property that is efficiently managed. It might be difficult to choose a Property management company Bangalore to handle the administration of your rental property. The advice that is provided here with us will assist you in making the most intelligent choice available.

Reasons to choose

In a nutshell, real estate management, which is sometimes referred to as property management, is the regular examination and administration of many different properties. The first and most important rule of real estate management is that you must never sell a property unless it is in pristine shape. It is up to you to maximize the potential of the property by doing any necessary repairs and attending to the most pressing concerns.

Take a stance on the cost.

Many real estate managers who are just starting out struggle with this aspect of the job because they are unsure how to conduct an evaluation of the properties under their supervision. Listed below are some factors to take into consideration if you are one of these:

  • 1. The overall quality of your home and grounds.
  • 2. The price that, on average, consumers pay in the region.
  • 3. The typical annual revenue of the area of interest
  • 4. The typical number of members that make up a local family
  • 5. Any potential advantages that your home may provide nearby transportation lines, quiet neighborhood, etc.
  • 6. Considering all of these aspects will allow you to arrive at a pricing that is more accurate and in line with reality.

Promote the renting of your home.

We are aware that the real estate property you own is some of the largest investment you have made. And we know how stressful it can be for you to let it sit vacant or rent it out when you do not have trustworthy and experienced care for it. Maintaining a state of dormancy on your property does not guarantee that it will stay secure. Properties that are not being used are at a greater risk of being encroached upon and used in a manner that is not allowed or legal.

At PropMunshi, the Best property management service we provide all of the available rental homes with the pertinent information that is necessary for a renter to choose a property. All of the available positions at our company may be found at You also have the option of connecting with us via various social networking sites.

Takes care of your property

After all of the work you've put in up to this point, we believe that you have found the people who are going to be renting the space. However, this is not the end of the story since managing real estate still needs you to handle a number of obligations, such as making sure the property is well maintained. You should make it a priority to pay regular visits to the location so that you can identify any potential problems with the property and prevent any further damage from taking place. Second, if a renter rents from you on a consistent basis, paying that renter might help you create a deeper relationship with that renter. However, you should be careful not to stress the topic too much and communicate in a manner that shows tact and consideration at all times.

Collects Money from Tenants

The process of collecting payments is essential to real estate management. Dealing with renters who are not accountable for their actions, on the other hand, may be a trying and embarrassing experience. In general, there are two methods that may be used to collect payments for rent or instalments. In the real estate industry, traditionalists continue to depend on cheques that are sent to them. On the other hand, real estate management software is used by the majority of firms today. It's a simple application for collecting rent that automates the process, creates invoices, and even sends notifications to renters about overdue payments. is the industry-leaders for the problems of landlords in need. We are a leading property management company, and we provide expert property management services for individual homes, villas, and flats. The wider goal we have set for ourselves is to innovate, simplify, and ensure the safety of real estate investments.

Watch out for breaching the terms of the contract

The goal of our property management service in Bangalore is to protect your most valuable investment when you are unable to handle it yourself due to distance or the fact that you are too busy. A significant reduction in the likelihood of encroachment, unauthorized occupation, and use can result from keeping a regular eye on your real estate site. Using this service to monitor your property on a regular basis is the most cost-effective option available. We pay a visit to your properties and conduct inspections of them to guarantee that they are free from any unlawful use or occupation and are in satisfactory condition. We quickly report what we have discovered. In order to put your mind at ease, we will provide you digital images of the inside as well as the outside.

Keeps an eye on your renovations

The renovation service includes coordinating the work, obtaining the necessary permission from the society or builder, providing you with estimates of the repair work from qualified service providers, supervising the repairs and maintenance work, providing you with proofs of the work performed, purchasing the necessary material required for the repairs and maintenance on your behalf, and a variety of other services. We at PropMunshi, the Best property management company help in solving of your issues at help you be in peace.


At PROPMUNSHI, we offer property management services and making the life of a property owner’s easier.

We are one of the proficient and fastest growing property management company in India. It offers you the finest and most professional team to work on entire cycle from finding tenants and their background check to agreement and rental tracking, From Property inspection to repair and periodical maintenance.

PropMunshi is co-founded by IIT and FMS alumni, Mr Abhimanyu Yadav and Mr Sandeep Rao. Mr Rao is a well Renowned Mentor and Motivational Speaker.


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