The builder or real estate developer or construction company is the most important part of the entire process of buying a flat. It`s the one who really builds your dream residential destination, so a lot of research work needs to be done before reaching any conclusion. Therefore, always go for a reputed builder who has a proven track record.

RERA Registration

Before sealing the house deal, check whether the builder is RERA i.e. Real Estate Regulatory Authority registered. This is the first and the most primary kind of filter to select a professional builder for your dream house. If the builder is not RERA registered, avoid making any move, else you invite trouble in future.

Bathrooms, study rooms, open area and other requirements

Always think of the future and then finalise the apartment the bathrooms, study room, open and wet areas along with other requirements are important before buying a house which is mostly an investment of a lifetime. Be sure of what may emerge to cater to your family requirements in future. If you have in-laws, relatives or family guests who keep visiting your home, then always try to push budget a little to buy slightly a bigger house. Try doing this, you will feel happy and proud about your decision in future.


Always go for a locality where transport, schools, medical shops, grocery stores are nearby. This will make your daily life much easier and hassle-free and you will have more time to focus on other important activities like health, family and career.

Delivery and possession

The house you finalised, paid money for becomes yours only in the true sense when you actually move into it. So, always `possession` matters the most! To ensure this, always check what a particular builder has delivered in the past. In case, you manage to get a good deal of ready-to-move-in house, just grab it, since it is considered as of the finest deals especially in terms of saving money because as soon as you move into a new house, you start saving money which you were spending on rent. Possession date is something all home buyers should be very careful about.



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