Tips to sell your home faster

If you have put your house for sale, you would no doubt want to sell is fast and at the highest possible price. It will require many buyers to inspect your property before you can conclude a deal that is a win-win for both parties.

Real estate market to touch $1 trillion by 2030, housing demand revives despite COVID-19: Housing secretary

Mishra said states have been asked to implement the Model Tenancy Act, which was passed by the Union Cabinet in June, at the earliest.

Property Buying Tips: 5 things to keep in mind before buying a home in 2021

New Delhi, Feb 26 (IANSlife) Owning a home is something all of us have dreamt of at some point in time in our lives. At the very outset, the purchase of a house or flat needs money, there are a lot of things we compromise on to gather the money...

Real estate stocks may be in for a treat as sales likely to peak in 2023

Mumbai is likely to comprise a 28 per cent share of total sales and nearly 30 per cent of new launches. Bengaluru’s share will be 20 per cent and 17 per cent, respectively while Delhi-NCR may comprise an 18 per cent share of sales and 15 per cent of new...

Top 5 tips to sell your property very fast

Where buying property is a cumbersome task, selling your property right and fast is no easy job either. It takes several months and sometimes years to find the right price for your property. But if you know these five self-help tips to sell your home, you can expect the job...

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